iPad to be Official Playbook for the Cowboys?

Posted: February 9, 2011 in BlackBerry Playbook, Rumors, Social
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worlds biggest hdtv cowboys stadium iPad to Be Official PlayBook of the Dallas Cowboys?

While doing my daily DallasNews reading on the Cowboys, I came across an article titled Dallas Cowboys considering turning in their playbooks for iPads. Before opening the link I thought, can someone please tell Jerry Jones that a BlackBerry “PlayBook” is set to launch soon?

The team is considering abandoning textbook like playbooks in turn for Apple iPads. Pete Walsh, head of technology for the Cowboys briefed with CNET on the digital revolution. DNews has obtained this piece.

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In a lot of ways, this is exactly what tablets are meant for: easy access to data via wireless networks, high-quality photos, and portability. And from a coach’s or player’s perspective, imagine being able to quickly sort through a large set of plays, look at them in a stylish graphical presentation, see animations of them in action, and more–or to download a photo of the last play seconds later.

We know Jerry likes to go all out, he has proven it with overpaid players, a billion dollar stadium and the world’s largest HD screen. As a Cowboys fan, my question is, how much of this will be a distraction vs how much will it benefit the team as a whole? The Cowboys had a poor season in 2010 and as fans, we don’t a repetition in 2011. I know they need help and surely technology enhances knowledge when applied right. If Dallas were to trade in their playbooks for a tablet, Jerry should get the team BlackBerry PlayBooks.

Having a BlackBerry means business. An Apple product leaves us with an impression of luxury. The Cowboys need to be in full focus starting from OTA’s, wasting no time. There are many approaches into PlayBook development. Jerry should get with a developer and have an official, confidential PlayBook app for the BlackBerry PlayBook developed. Trust me, if anyone  can sell a “PlayBook”, give it to Jerry Jones.

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  1. itsalexaye says:

    I still think they should use the BlackBerry Playbook as their playbook, since it is a playbook!

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