BlackBerry Playbook running Android Apps?

Posted: February 10, 2011 in BlackBerry Playbook, Rumors
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In the world of tech dominance it’s hard to forget Blackberries. RIM simply put changed the smart phone and mobile tech world in many ways. However, since the dawn of Apple’s iPhone and Googles Android opertating system the Blackberry maker has been fighting an uphill battle to stay relevant. The launch of their Blackberry Torch was to be the guiding light into the future. Unfortunately the Torch’s light seems to be dimming. The Blackberry Playbook is RIM’s attempt at the tablet space and seems to be quite impressive; unfortunately it’s still missing apps. Apples app store boasts over 300,000 unique apps as Android’s growing market is at 130,000. When looking at the Blackberry market you can indeed see some “slacking” if you will in the quality and quantity. As of last year the total number of apps within the Blackberry app world was around 10,000, surely a far cry from its competitors. But what should you do if you’re Blackberry? Take advantage of your new Playbook tablets operating system and allow you users to download Android apps of course.

When the Blackberry numbers started to slide in the past few years most analyst or really anyone with an educated opinon on the matter felt that Blackberry should take advantage of Androids open source OS, at the least the application market and it seems that this idea may become a reality.             Toward the end of last month BGR confirmed from some of their sources that RIM would indeed allow Android applications to run on its new Blackberry Tablet the Playbook. If BGR’s credible sources were not enough for you, well maybe Bloomberg is. Bloomberg has recently stated that it too has sources that have confirmed the same rumor. Initial reports from BGR assumed the RIM would use Dalvik which is (software) a virtual machine within the Android operating system to run the Android apps on the Blackberry OS. Bloomberg’s sources negate this stating Blackberry will not use Dalvik and is looking at other options to run applications from the Android market.

Sounds good to me and should sound just as sweet to any Blackberry users who feel a little light in the app department when checking out iPhone’s or Androids. Good move Blackberry good move, I’m sure it doesn’t feel to good right now, but follow through with it and you will be right back in the game. So Nokia will soon run Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry’s can run Android apps….what’s the world coming too? Tell us what you think. Are you a Blackberry user? Do you welcome the 130k plus apps that are available in the Android market?



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